We Hope You Enjoyed The Deeper Water Offshore Wind Conference!

The Deeper Water Offshore Wind Conference was produced by Global Insight Conferences. If you would like to purchase the speaker presentations, available for £199, please email info@offshorewindconference.com for more information. Please find below some other relevant, industry-leading events that you might be interested in.

The Cost-Saving Energy Efficiencies Conference

Demonstrate Significant Cost Savings & ROI Across Your Estates, Processes & Assets By Optimising Energy Efficiency: Drive Behavioural Change, Pinpoint & Reduce Energy Wastage, Capitalise On Technological Innovations, Make Renewables Viable & Comply With Current & Upcoming Legislation To Demonstrate Real Impact. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 4th June 2015 At A Brand NEW Venue, One America Square, Central London. Download brochure here. Book online.

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