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Why Attend The Next-Generation Offshore Wind Conference?

windlogo2016_final_1(o) no dateRemember The Deeper Water Offshore Wind Conference? We're back. And it's next generation. Next generation…the industry is maturing with new markets and frontiers. Subsidies, costs, technologies, governmental viewpoints…it’s down to us to share knowledge and promote best-practice to innovate and implement the best of the latest technological developments to maximise profits from offshore wind in 2018 and way beyond!

We know it’s all about cost! That’s why our conferences are streamlined to one-day, minimum fuss and time out of the office. Get your seat at the negotiating table, share best-practise and network with like-minded peers.

No other offshore wind event is quite this good! We pack our agenda full of the latest business-critical updates to offshore wind you need to here. No thinly disguised sales pitches. Just real, collaborative insight from the key players in the market. We prioritse developer learnings, manufacturers, key stakeholders and academic voices to give you the tools you need to drive maximum potential from offshore wind.

What it boils down to is that we’ve loved meeting you year after year. Your feedback and opinions are important to us and that’s why we spend months researching with both past delegates and industry peers to hone in on your toughest challenges and recruit the speakers you need to hear from to get those costs down and increase profit margins from offshore wind.